Cllr Mike Sole is calling on KCC to prioritise the filling of potholes on National Cycle Routes. 

Mike says “I am a regular cyclist and getting more people out on bikes has huge health and environmental benefits. 

I have ridden part of national cycle route 17 from Bridge, along Pett Bottom Road. This a national cycle but it is full of deep, dangerous potholes. Any cyclist hitting one of these at speed could have a serious accident.

Whilst acknowledging the huge problems in maintaining our many country lanes, when it comes to national cycle routes, Kent County Council are failing. This is why I am asking them to prioritise the repairs of potholes on all national cycle routes throughout Kent so that we can all ride safely.”

Posted by Mike Sole

Mike Sole is the councillor for Nailbourne Ward. He works as an accountant and lives with his wife just outside Canterbury near Bridge.

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