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Mike Sole is the councillor for Nailbourne Ward. He works as an accountant and lives with his wife just outside Canterbury near Bridge.

Lib Dem Budget Speech

Councillor Mike Sole presented the Liberal Democrats’ response to the Conservative group’s budget

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KCC must act on Public Rights of Way

The average number of days to resolve a fault has now increased to over a month

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What does the future look like for our rural areas?

Mike Sole sets out a vision for rural areas and raises a pint to the village pub.

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Litter on the A2

What sort of welcome is this to a district that relies so heavily on tourism?

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Phil de Pothole gets the thumbs up

No pothole’s too big, no job too small!

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Where does your council tax go?

Cllr Mike Sole explains what the upcoming council tax rise means

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Kent County Council putting cyclist lives at risk

KCC must prioritise the filling of potholes on National Cycle Routes

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Cllr Mike Sole: Replace graffiti with mural

The A2 bridge over Coldharbour Lane is becoming more of a magnet for graffiti.

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Could Canterbury council become bankrupt?

Will finances survive if lockdown isn’t lifted until March

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Mike Sole

Cllr Mike Sole improves road safety

It comes after a number of near misses and cars being forced off the road

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