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Response to draft Local Plan

The draft local plan is based on a fundamentally false premise which makes it meaningless.  The most controversial aspect of the plan relates to housing numbers and their location.  This, in turn, drives the twin problems of traffic congestion and pollution.  The 2020 consultation produced no single positive option but the ‘least worst’, on which […]

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Draft Local Plan: A poor result from a poor process

You may be aware that Canterbury City Council has published its draft local plan, the document that sets the framework for everything the council does until 2045. The Canterbury City Council Liberal Democrat Councillors wholeheartedly reject this plan, both on the basis of its content and the way in which it has been created and […]

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Public and Councillors gagged over Local Plan

The City Council press release on the Local Plan confirms that this is being worked on by officers in secret.  This has been going on for months.  No councillors are involved in the process.  No members of the public, residents’ associations or parish councils are involved at all. The current Local Plan was put together […]

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Council failing residents on affordable homes

Canterbury City Council is failing woefully on its affordable homes target.

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Regeneration Committee 30 September 2021

A summary of the Regeneration Committee meeting

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Canterbury from the air

Botched bypass thinking

It looks as if Ben Fitter-Harding and Canterbury City Council are about to embark on another great mistake

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Save our estate agent?

Cllr Ricketts makes a surprising case

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