At today’s Adult Social Care committee Ida Linfield called on KCC to let Covid patients stay for as as they need to in Kent’s “designated beds” rather than being thrown out after just two weeks.

There are 80 designated beds throughout Kent which are for local residents to stay in whilst recovering from Covid. Most of the beds are vacant at the moment but the stays are limited to only 2 weeks!

“With nearly half the beds lying vacant, I asked for residents to be able to stay as long as they need, rather than being kicked out after two weeks” “said Ida. “ Everyone is different and everyone has different needs whilst recovering from this dreadful disease. Let’s treat each person as an individual and help them accordingly.”

The director of Adult Social Services agreed to look at this so watch this space!.

Ida Linfield

Posted by Ida Linfield

Ida is an experienced local campaigner and a member of the Green Liberal Democrats and of the Open Space Society. At KCC she is vice chair of the Corporate Parenting sub committee and opposition spokesperson on Adult Social Care.

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