The much opposed charges for the collection of garden waste start in July 2020.

In their rush to empty the pockets of tax payers the City Council has neglected to review the impact on all aspects of the community.

These charges, consistently opposed by Cllr Mike Sole on environmental grounds are also hitting local community groups.

In Bridge, volunteers keep the church yard graves tidy and make flower arrangements for services. A green waste bin is used for this and also other occasional tidy ups of the areas of the closed church yard that is not adequately maintained by Serco on behalf of the City Council.

Mike Sole said, “Across the district, in churches, village halls and other community areas, volunteer organisations are now having to pay to keep their areas clean and tidy. This is grossly unfair.”

During the debate of the introduction of charges Mike highlighted the number of residents who used their domestic green bin for keeping public pavements clean.

Although these organisations will have to pay to have their bins collected this year Mike has highlighted this inequality and has been given assurances that the scheme will be reviewed so that next year support can be given to community groups with either concessions or collections in some other way.

Mike said, “Why was this scheme rushed into without giving any thought to community groups? Why can’t a free bin sticker just be given to these groups? It would be simple to administer such a scheme, instead they will have to wait another year in the hope that a solution will be found.”

“Any concession scheme should also look at supporting those on low incomes with the cost of clearing green waste”, Mike added.

Posted by Mike Sole

Mike Sole is the councillor for Nailbourne Ward. He works as an accountant and lives with his wife just outside Canterbury near Bridge.

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