Ida Linfield expresses concern that the Conservative Government is suggesting that lorry drivers entering Kent ports need not be tested for the coronavirus bug.

The Government is about to implement two week quarantine rules for the majority of travellers coming from continental Europe. In recognition of the importance of keeping freight moving, lorry drivers arriving in Kent will be exempt from quarantine but they should not be allowed to travel all over the UK without any form of check on their health.

Before the lockdown, when life was ‘normal’ there were 10,000 Channel traffic crossings each and every day – the majority being essential freight. This gives you an idea of the huge number of lorries that are still entering Kent now.

“I find it incredible” said Ida Linfield, Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Canterbury City South. “On the news you see asylum seekers having their temperatures checked as soon as they set foot in Dover but nothing at all is being done to test lorry drivers in any way. Nor is it the Government’s intention to do anything in the future. In fact it seems that lorry drivers only have to provide an address!”

“Surely, to ensure that ‘track and trace’ will work, a simple system should be put in place to either test or at least take the temperature of someone who travels all over Europe before entering Kent?”

Posted by Ida Linfield

Ida is an experienced local campaigner and a member of the Green Liberal Democrats and of the Open Space Society. She is a former councillor on both Canterbury City Council and Kent County Council.

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