Trudy Dean reports on another surreal moment. 

Just 32 minutes after I asked in a Councillors briefing session on Friday afternoon about cancelling school travel pass payments, and was told Kent CC were not intending to do so, this¬†Press Release¬†appeared. I’m sure it wasn’t connected of course, but the world feels difficult to make sense of right now! Anyway, I got the right answer. Eventually.

Direct Debit payments for the Kent Travel Saver Card and its 16+ equivalent will be cancelled in January and February due to the national lockdown.

Vulnerable children and those of critical workers will still be able to use their pass to travel to school.

A refund for those that have paid upfront will be made once a decision is made by Government on when all children may return to school.

Even by recent standards, that’s an amazingly fast U-turn, but very sensible and very welcome!

Posted by Ida Linfield

Ida is an experienced local campaigner and a member of the Green Liberal Democrats and of the Open Space Society. At KCC she is vice chair of the Corporate Parenting sub committee and opposition spokesperson on Adult Social Care.

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