Doorstep collection of garden waste is the most environmentally friendly way of dealing with green waste.

This has been recognised by DEFRA and it is why councils are encouraged to offer this as a free service.

The alternatives are many more car journeys to household waste sites, bonfires and fly tipping. Whilst the much heralded home composting can be part of the solution not everything can be composted and not everyone has space to do it. This is why we have fought against the introduction of charges for doorstep collection which will be an environmental disaster.

The Conservatives don’t see it this way. For them it’s all about the money. First they stopped collections in January and February, and then when the Coronavirus hit they failed to restart the service in March. Whilst other councils continued to collect green waste from the kerbside in Canterbury residents just had to collect it at home.

After persistent lobbying a restricted service of one bin per household has now restarted, but with charging due to start in July it is too little too late. Why is it that other councils have maintained this service but in Canterbury it stopped? Why have Serco, who are paid to deliver this service, failed to do so?

The Coronavirus pandemic is an emergency. But it must not be used as an excuse to ignore the climate emergency that Liberal Democrat councillors were pivotal in declaring in our district last year.

Posted by Mike Sole

Mike Sole is the councillor for Nailbourne Ward. He works as an accountant and lives with his wife just outside Canterbury near Bridge.

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