Cllr Mike Sole, whose Nailbourne Ward is dividend by the A2, has warned that post-Brexit lorry queues could make Kent the “toilet of England.”

Kent’s main roads and laybys are already littered with human waste, says Mike who believes that it has the potential to become a lot worse after the UK leaves the EU on December 31, with lorry drivers held up for hours in carparks and queues.

“I’m worried Kent is becoming the toilet of England, not the garden of England” said Mike

Mike has told BBC Radio Kent that lorry drivers carry out an essential service keeping the economy moving, and especially in this Coved-19 crisis, they need access to proper toilet and hand washing facilities. “Local people are already used to seeing bottles of urine and toilet tissue in lay-bys and verges. Unless adequate provision is made more drivers will use the countryside and the city council will foot the bill for clearing up this Brexit mess.”

Mike Sole on BBC Radio Kent

Mike’s campaign has been featured in newspapers like The Guardian and Le Monde as people are finally waking up to what Brexit will mean for Kent’s residents.

“Kent will become the toilet of England” – “you never saw that on the side of a bus.” said Mike

Mike in The Standard 
Mike in The Guardian
Mike in The Metro

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