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Canterbury from the air

Botched bypass thinking

It looks as if Ben Fitter-Harding and Canterbury City Council are about to embark on another great mistake. Consider a few home truths: Comparing Canterbury with Ghent is just plain daft.  Ghent has a population some 6 times greater than Canterbury.  If you want to make comparisons try Hereford, Salisbury or Perth. The current Local […]

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2040 Local Plan

You have a chance to comment on the local plan, Nick Eden-Green summarizes the view of your Lib Dem councillors.

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Park and ride on Wincheap Water Meadows is a dead duck

The council has revoked the planning permission which it granted itself in an unprecedented move

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Canterbury nurses shafted by the Conservatives

The government has the money but chooses to spend it elsewhere

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Car park site floods again

The council must permanently commit to ending flawed plans to build here

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Conservatives rig planning decisions

Tory leader ends fair and transparent planning process by instructing councillors how to vote

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Victory in battle to save Wincheap Water Meadow

The City Council plan to extend the Park and Ride onto the Water Meadows at Wincheap has been abandoned. Local LD Cllr Nick Eden-Green has been fighting this plan for years.

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Lib Dem presents award to Water Meadows campaigner

Residents are fighting to save the Wincheap Water Meadows from becoming a car park

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Will the Covid crisis produce a silver lining?

Councillor Nick Eden-Green hopes we will take some positives from the Covid crisis

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Wincheap Water Meadows

More vandalism at Wincheap Water Meadows

But this time it’s the council!

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